How it Works

Get cracking on the API!

Our simple and free ( unlimited queries ) lets content providers include important health
department inspection scores in real-time.

The API is entirely HTTP-based. Currently there is only 1 function and that is to submit a POST for the location and search.

Step 1: submit a query, only exact matches will show individual restaurant scores. If you submit "Pizza" you'll get a list of all restaurants with the word "Pizza" in it.

Step 2: re-submit an exact match to get the restaurant results.

There is really not much to it, for example:

Will return the XML results of the San Francisco location for all restaurants with the key word "pizza" in the string.

Now, to get the results, simply submit a POST with an exact string match for any restaurant.

For example, to search for Maverick:

Will return the results page in XML format.

The XML Format will return different results for each city depending on the
particular health department and the amount of informaiton available.